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licensed special educator, Experienced Educationist, Consultant and Trainer, specialized services aimed at improving the learning outcomes of children
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About Me

Founder & Managing Director of Teressa's
Education Consultancy & Training Services

As a licensed special educator with over 20 years of experience, I offer specialized services aimed at improving the learning outcomes of children. I am committed to providing personalized support to parents and educators, helping them achieve their goals in enhancing the quality of life for their children and students.

Qualified Head of Inclusion/SENCO ADEK approved | RCI Licensed special educator CRR no: A89159

Name: Smitha Paul
Degree: B.Ed in Spl. Education
Experience: 20 Years
Phone: +971 563093334
Whatsapp: +91 9538881116
Email: smitharpaul@gmail.com
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Malayalam


Education & Expericence

My Education

Bachelor in Special Education

Tamil Nadu University, India |

(Accredited by Rehabilitation of Council, RCI License- CRN: A89159)

Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education,

Asian College of teachers,India |

Diploma in Early childhood education

All India Early Childhood Care & Education, India

Certification in foundation course for learning disabilities

RCI recognized |

Certification in Financial Planning and Administration,

The Chartered Insurance Institute, UK |

Diploma in Computer Information System Management

Aptech Institute, India |

Structure of Intelligence (SOI- Psychological IQ enhancement program)-

Certification of Practitioner, Energia SOI, U.S.A |

British Accent Training,

British Council of India, India |

International air travel & tourism

(IATA), IITC, India |


Founder & Managing Director

Teressa's Education Consultancy & Training Services | 2023 - Present www.teressa-educons.com

Head of Inclusion (SEN-Coordinator):

Global Indian International School (CBSE board), Abu Dhabi, UAE | 2022 - Present

Founder, Special Education Teaching & Head:

(Preschool to Grade 10) Miracle Kids, Bangalore, India | www.smithapaul.com/miracle_kids 2013 - 2022

Special Education Teacher:

Chrysalis High School (ICSE board), Bangalore, India | 2015 - 2016

Education Consultant & Trainer:

Growing Tots Preschool. Bangalore, India. | 2017 - 2020

Education Consultant & Trainer:

Umeed Foundation NGO, Aurangabad, India | 2020 - 2022

Education Consultant & Trainer :

Tulips, Bangalore, India | 2016 - 2017

Education Consultant & Trainer:

Hawischar Inclusive School, Chennai, India | 2021 - 2022

Creative Curriculum creation as Master Academic Reviewer (IB, Oxford, Cambridge, ICSE, CBSE, State board):

Embibe Edutech Company, | 2021 - 2022

Product & Process Expert as Team Manager

Prudential Process Management Services/Capita Business Services (Mumbai), | 2003 - 2010

Brand Ambassador forVoice Process:

Goldshield Pvt. Ltd. ,Mumbai, | 2003

Overseas Education Counsellor:

Raj Overseas Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd., Coimbatore | 2001 - 2002

Call handler for inbound international, (U.K.) health care client:

Global Tele-systems, Mumbai | 2000 - 2001


My Expertise

School & Corporate Training: Teachers, Staffs, Leadership team
Preschool & Special Education unit Set up
Root cause analysis of problem areas for effective solution
Counseling & Intervention
Sensitising staffs on inclusion
Assessment of student needs & evaluation


School Training

* Teachers training- Inclusion
1) Identification of Red flags in students- Difficulties, Concerns & Challenges
2) Managing students of various needs- Difficult, Slow learners, Special needs, Behaviour issues in an inclusive classroom
3) Phonics Training
4) Classroom Leadership
5) Pedagogical approaches & Educational strategies
6) Instructional aids and Educational Resources
7) Soft skills: Pronunciation, Language & Formal communication
8) Technology integration training

* Leadership and Management Training
1) School Consultation to assess Teachers Skills & School Requirements.
2) Induction of school staff and management on Child Safety and Well being, PCOSO act, Sensitisation to students' need, adherence to regulatory requirement
3) Care giver & Support staff training
4) Parent counselling & Parent Orientation
5) Leadership training: Role & Responsibilities, Lead by example, Taking ownership

* Special Education Service Set Up
1) As per the requirement of the institute/school a specialized educators will be appointed to provide ongoing interventions
2) One to One and Group Intervention in an inclusive enviornment.
3) IEP and Regular progress reviews meetings.
4) Support provided to the teachers with guidance and training to handle the Special
Needs Children in regular Classroom and School environment.

* Assessment and Evaluation
1) Baseline Assessment for all students in the beginning of the academic year.
2) Assessment of Special Needs Students to Identify their specific needs. Based
on the assessment an IEP will be tailored.

* Counselling
1) Student Counseling: This type of counseling involves one-on-one sessions between a student and our counsellor. It provides a safe and confidential space for students to discuss their concerns, explore their emotions, develop coping strategies, set goals, and work through personal challenges.
2) Student Group Counseling: Group counseling involves small groups of students who share similar concerns or experiences. Led by our trained counselor, group counseling sessions provide an opportunity for students to connect with peers, share experiences, learn from each other, and develop social and emotional skills in a supportive group setting.
3) Academic Counseling: Academic counseling aims to support students in achieving academic success. It involves guidance on course selection, study skills, time management, test-taking strategies, and academic goal-setting. Academic counselors also help students identify and overcome academic challenges and develop strategies for improved performance.
4) Family Counseling: Family counseling involves working with students and their families to address family dynamics, communication issues, conflicts, and challenges that may impact the student's in well-being and academic performance. It aims to improve family relationships, strengthen support systems, and enhance the overall family functioning to create a positive environment for the student.
5) Parent Counselling: Parent counseling can be particularly valuable for parents of children with special needs or unique circumstances. Counselors can provide support, information, and resources specific to the challenges and needs of children with disabilities, medical conditions, or other exceptional circumstances.


Special Education Service:

* One to One Intervention @ home services
* Parent Counseling
* Assessment & Report
*Individual Education Program: Academic Goals, Communication and Language, Social and Emotional Development, Physical and Motor Skills, Independent Living Skills, Transition Planning, Assistive Technology
* Parent Training for home program
*Quarterly Progress Review


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